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Cayla Horstman

Early College Advisor


B.A. in Social Work at Northwestern College

M.A. in School Counseling at University of South Dakota

Home state

Born in Maryland, but raised in South Dakota

My favorite thing about Bethel University

Everyone I have met has been incredibly kind and has a deep passion for supporting students to be successful. I can tell everyone genuinely cares not only for the students, but also for the faculty and staff they work with!

What did you love most about your time in college?

I would definitely say that I loved the community that I was surrounded by. The wing that I lived on in undergrad became like a group of sisters to me. We came from all different walks of life, were interested and passionate about different things, but also cared about and challenged each other. I could go to my wingmates to talk about anything going on in my life –family, school, faith, etc.– and I knew they would listen. I grew and learned so much with them!

What do you enjoy most about working with early college students?

This is such a fun time in life when you are learning more about yourself and what you are passionate about! It is full of so many possibilities. You get to "dip your toes" into taking college classes to see if it is the path for you. I love walking alongside students in this journey to provide support and resources to them to promote their success.

Before working at Bethel

Before working at Bethel I graduated with My M.A. in school counseling.

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At Bethel, you’ll experience a community where you belong. And that means you’ll be able to access numerous tools for your academic success—tutoring, mentors, study help, and more.

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