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Scientists, mathematicians, communicators, business students, social workers, and psychologists-unite! Join an academic club or honor society to network, serve the community, build friendships, and learn about career options. Want to get involved? Contact the student leader. 

Bethel Business and Economics Association (BBEA)

The Bethel Business and Economics Association is dedicated to creating events that provide students with the opportunity to be exposed to various industries and companies in the business world. It is our mission to prepare versatile and invaluable students for wherever God has called them to be.

Student Leaders: Lauren Davis & Sam Merth

Bethel Student Nurses' Association (BSNA)

BSNA acts to build a bridge between the nursing department and the general BU student population by serving the Bethel community and the surrounding Twin Cities communities through numerous outreach and educational events. We also seek to actively build relationships within the nursing department as well.

Student Leader: Luke Haider & Isabel Joecks

Bethel Student Social Work Association (BSSWA)

BSSWA supports student-led initiatives both locally and globally, represents the voice of students within Bethel’s social work program, and promotes fellowship and community through social, service, and advocacy events.

Student Leaders: Nicole Manning & Kate Hansen

Biokinetics Club

Bethel Biokinetics Club is a community where biokinetics majors can come together to form meaningful connections, participate in volunteering opportunities, and serve fellow students through academic advising and mentorship.

Student Leaders: Megan Murphy, & Hannah Nelson

Bethel Student Educators Association (BSEA)

BSEA is open to all education majors. No membership fee is asked. You can grow your relationship with other education majors and professors. It is a great way to expand your network, which is essential to this profession. Events are on weeknights or during weekdays for pop-in events. Be on the lookout for BSEA emails about events and updates.

Student Leaders: Logan Fort & Alexis Baumgarn

Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club strives to encourage a strong community between students and faculty by providing events and activities in which they can interact outside of the classroom setting.

Student Leader: Lauryn Caulley & Emma Smith

Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Honor Society)

The Phi Iota chapter of Lambda Pi Eta is comprised of a body of communication scholars that seek to establish connections with each other and professionals in diverse fields, providing an opportunity for students to develop professionally and spiritually.

Student Leaders: Cortney Hokanson & Lilia Bissonette 


Psychology Club

We strive to create community among those who are currently studying or wish to learn more about psychology. Through this community, we find fellowship in both on and off-campus activities to expand our knowledge in this field of discipline.

Student Leaders: Jenna BaccamMarah Smith

Sigma Zeta (Math and Science Honor Society)

Sigma Zeta seeks to honor Christ through the scholarship and achievements of math and science students while providing opportunities for interaction between students, faculty, and experts in various disciplines.

Student Leader: Danielle BrockerRemy Lloyd

Tri-Beta (Biological Honor Society)

A society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending the boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.

Student Leaders: Abby Simpkins & Jordan Holthe

Women in Physics and Engineering (WPE)

Women in Physics and Engineering fosters a community and sense of belonging to the present and future women within the physics and engineering department at Bethel.

Student Leaders: Jireh Babalola & Kristina Boecker


Want to start a new academic club? Contact bsg-clubs-and-orgs@bethel.edu.